New Partnership, New Concept, New Practice

Customer Profile

“I want to build a practice that puts the patient’s experience first; every detail should be thoughtful and centered on their care. Sunflower Bank helped us construct this new concept. With the support of Sunflower Bank, we were able to acquire a beautiful historical property, the equipment we needed, and working capital to get up and running. We are excited for our venture and the care we will provide! 
-Dr. JD Wideman, Jane&Jayne

A Fresh Concept

Dr. JD Wideman DO, has practiced medicine for 15 years, the last 10 in Fort Collins, CO. She is passionate about making medical care available and affordable, so Dr. Wideman and her partner, Jodie Robinson, a licensed esthetician, created Jane&Jayne, a new Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Aesthetics practice. Both partner’s names begin with the letter “J,” and they envisioned a practice embracing both science and beauty (think Jane Goodall and Jayne Mansfield), which is how the concept of “Jane&Jayne” came to be. Jane&Jayne utilizes a membership platform in lieu of insurance. Monthly memberships are available at affordable prices and apply to office visits such as wellness exams, acute exams, prescription refills, and minor procedures. Dr. Wideman also offers Osteopathic Manipulation and other medical services at an additional cost. Together, she and Jodie provide a wide range of aesthetic services with savings and perks to members of the DPC practice. Having a medical provider overseeing and performing many of the aesthetic procedures distinguishes Jane&Jayne from other primary care practices and aesthetics offices.

A Custom Solution for a Custom Business

When the partners found a charming 1892 Victorian in the heart of Fort Collins’ Old Town district, they knew it would be the perfect setting for Jane&Jayne’s client-centered services. They designed their practice around the concept of making each person who visits feel comfortable and heard. Many primary care offices and aesthetic practices alike rush people through their offices, seemingly focused on numbers rather than people. Dr. Wideman and Jodie envision an entirely different experience for their clients. 

The Sunflower Bank team was able to help Dr. Wideman secure two loans for the venture—one that provided commercial real estate financing, and the other to help finance the medical practice’s equipment, working capital, and facility improvements. Due to the historic nature of the property, the loan includes a favorable feature of a capital contribution from the city for minor updates to the location’s accessibility.

The Benefits of Partnership

Jane&Jayne is great example of what can happen when medical and banking professionals collaborate. The Healthcare Banking team at Sunflower Bank listened to Dr. Wideman and Jodie’s vision for their practice and provided a careful analysis that led to successful financing for the concept. If you’re looking for a partner that can help bring your ideas to life, Sunflower Bank is ready to Create Possibility for your practice.