James Dufresne

James has spent the last 10 years working within the financial services industry from trading currencies and commodities to helping start and launch a mutual fund. He has managed client portfolios on a personalized basis for the last five years. Currently James is enrolled in the March 2020 CFP®  designation to become a certified financial planner.

Based on my experience I have found that the majority of investors fail to beat a simple index fund when investing. Most investors fail to succeed because their own emotions and psychological biases impact their ability to stick with their investment plan. To counteract this, I focus on sound financial planning and keeping your portfolio on track by closely monitoring your risk profile and tightly managing expenses.

What do you want clients to know about your team
Our ability to think outside the box! Our group has 60+ years of combined experience including time spent in estate planning, tax planning and investment management. We specialize in making the complex, simple.

Favorite moment in your career
Helping a couple realize that they could double their charitable giving by using specific estate planning strategies. This had a deep impact on me as they were overwhelmed with joy at being able to give more than they ever thought imaginable. It not only saved them in taxes but also had a significant benefit to multiple charities.

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