A Commercial Real Estate Financing Success Story

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Sunflower Bank is pleased to announce we recently provided $1,000,000 in owner occupied commercial real estate financing to a financial services firm in Boulder, CO to support the needs of their growing business. Bringing this transaction to an expedited and successful closing is an example of how Sunflower Bank and our people work every day to help customers meet their goals through innovative solutions delivered with a tailored approach and local decision-making.


Matching Financial Possibility to Financial Feasibility
The customer was already going under contract for an owner occupied commercial office condominium when they were referred to the Bank by one of our commercial real estate referral partners. The discussion initially centered on structuring an SBA loan but as we started underwriting, the SBA team quickly realized that a conventional option was the right solution. While the customer was reluctant to bring an additional 10% equity to the purchase, they had the ability to do so. After consideration and deep discussions with the Bank on SBA vs. conventional financing options, the customer decided to proceed with a conventional loan. With the property already under contract and a closing date set, the credit approval process needed to be run on a very short timeframe.

Sunflower Bank’s Solution:

Bringing Together the Bank to Make Possibility a Reality
Once the loan entered the conventional underwriting process, the SBA relationship manager brought in a Business Banking colleague who was quickly in touch with the customer to move the process forward. Behind the scenes, the local credit decision makers were able to accelerate the underwriting and approval process. The credit team approved the loan with a rapid turnaround, due in part to an after-hours site visit to create the necessary documentation. The full loan package was then processed and completed by loan operations the next day resulting in an on-time close.
Successfully meeting the needs of the customer in the timeline required took the teamwork of multiple areas of the Bank. From the insightful analysis of the SBA team in recognizing that the customer was best served by a loan facilitated by Business Banking, to the responsive local credit and loan operations teams taking steps to meet a seemingly impossible deadline, Sunflower Bank went the extra mile to deliver for the customer because we are a bank that is your partner every step of the way.

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