Mobile FAQs

Mobile FAQs


1. What is Mobile Banking?
Sunflower Bank’s Mobile Banking experience allows users the convenience to view account history, transfer funds, pay bills, locate branches and ATMs and deposit checks.

2. Is Mobile Banking secure?
Sunflower Bank is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal and financial information. When using Mobile Banking, your information is not saved and is protected with high levels of data encryption. Please visit our Security Center at for helpful security information.

3. Is there a fee to use Sunflower Bank’s Mobile Banking service?
Sunflower Bank’s Mobile Banking service is available at no cost to personal Sunflower Bank account holders enrolled in SunNet Online Banking. However, other charges such as standard bank fees applicable to your account or accounts may apply. For example, returned item fees or overdrafts. Consult the bank’s fee schedule and deposit agreement for details. In addition, your mobile phone service provider may charge for text messages and/or web access. Check your plan for details and/or ask your mobile provider.

4. Is enrollment in SunNet Online Banking required to use Mobile Banking?
Yes. Customers must be enrolled in personal SunNet Online Banking in order to use Mobile Banking.

5. How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

  • Log in to SunNet Online Banking.

  • Click Other Services. Then click Mobile Banking. Create your Mobile Banking credentials and you are ready.

  • Not enrolled in personal SunNet Online Banking? Enroll now and follow the steps listed above.

6. Is Mobile Banking available for both personal and business account holders?

  • At this time, Mobile Banking is only available to personal account holders enrolled in personal SunNet Online Banking. Business Mobile Banking is not available at this time.

7. If I don’t have an iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device, can I still use Mobile Banking?

  • Yes. If you cannot download our Mobile App on your device, you should be able to access our Mobile Web Browser banking from web enabled devices by visiting

8. Does Mobile Banking work on all mobile devices?
Sunflower Bank Mobile Banking is available on phones and mobile devices that are SMS Text Message and/or Web Browser enabled.
We offer three convenient and optional ways to manage your personal banking needs from mobile devices:

  1. SMS Text Message Banking

  2. Web Browser Banking

  3. Mobile App – available for Apple® and Android™ devices

9. Can I change my Mobile Banking Login ID Username?
Yes. You can change your Mobile Banking username at any time. Log in to SunNet Online Banking and select Other Services. Next, click Mobile Banking and then click Change Login Details. You can change your Username or change your Mobile number. Click Save to confirm changes.
10. Can joint account holders both use Mobile Banking?
For security purposes, we strongly recommend each account holder maintains their own SunNet Online Banking account and unique Login ID and Password and their own individual Mobile Banking Login and Password information. Only one mobile phone number can be registered for SMS Text Banking.
11. When I transfer funds via Mobile Banking, when are they processed?
All transfers submitted internally between Sunflower Bank accounts after 9:00 PM (CT) / 8:00 PM (MT) may be processed the next business day.

12. Can I make a Mobile Transfer to anyone or to any other financial institutions?
No. Mobile Transfers can only be made between eligible Sunflower Bank accounts.

Mobile App


13. What is Sunflower Bank's Mobile App?
Our secure Mobile Banking App allows eligible customers to check balances, pay bills, transfer funds, view account history, make deposits and locate branches and ATMs. It is available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices.

14. How do I get started with Sunflower Bank's Mobile App?
Review the Sunflower Bank Mobile Personal User Guide for detailed instructions. Then visit the App Store appropriate to your device and search for the Sunflower Bank App.

15. Can I pay bills through the Mobile App?
Yes. Any existing bill payment payees you have set up in SunNet Online Banking can be issued a bill payment through our Mobile App.

16. Can I create Payees to view and pay in the Sunflower Bank Mobile App?
Payees must be added via the Bill Payment function in personal SunNet Online Banking. They cannot be added within the Mobile App. Once created in SunNet Online Banking, they will appear in the available payee list within the Mobile App Bill Pay function.

Mobile Deposit

17. What is Sunflower Bank's Mobile Deposit service?
Mobile Deposit is a feature of our Mobile Banking App. You can make deposits by simply taking a picture of the front and back of a check made payable to you and depositing it into your Sunflower Bank checking account, all using your mobile device. This feature is only available to eligible Sunflower Bank mobile banking customers who meet our standard service requirements and guidelines.

18. Who can use Sunflower Bank's Mobile Deposit service?
All consumer banking customers with valid SunNet Online Banking credentials, an eligible Sunflower Bank personal checking account and who have downloaded the Sunflower Bank App for iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ can use the Sunflower Bank Mobile Deposit service.
At this time, business customer accounts are ineligible for our Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit service. As eligibility requirements change in the future, we will keep you informed. In the meantime, business customers may choose to consider our Deposit Express service, which is a web-based application that allows business customers to make check deposits easily at their place of business or locations. Check with one of our Treasury Management experts for more details on this service.
19. Are there guidelines to follow when submitting a check for Mobile Deposit?
Yes. We recommend following the guidelines provided below:

  • Endorse the back of the check with your (the account holder’s) signature. Checks with missing endorsements will be rejected.

  • Verify that the amount of the check and the amount you enter as your deposit amount match.

  • When photographing your check, all four corners of the check must be included in the image. Images that are too small, blurry, crumpled or skewed cannot be accepted for deposit.

  • Ensure the surface your check is placed on has a contrasting color to the check. For example, for a white check, place on a dark table instead of a light colored surface.

  • Keep your phone flat and steady when taking a photo of your check.

Checks can be rejected due to insufficient lighting, poor photo quality, creasing, or include background textures or features on the check, etc. Under these circumstances, Sunflower Bank reserves the right to reject these items for Mobile Deposit and cannot be held responsible for its inability to accept the items for deposit.

20. What types of checks or items can I deposit via Mobile Deposit?
You may deposit checks made payable to you (account owner) to a personal checking account you have at Sunflower Bank. Checks must be payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. financial institution. All checks deposited must be endorsed by the account holder.
You cannot deposit the following items:

  • U.S. savings bonds

  • Foreign items

  • Remotely created checks (paper or electronically created)

  • Traveler’s checks

  • Money orders

  • Rebate checks

  • Insurance checks

  • Third-party checks

  • Post-dated or stale dated checks

  • Checks not made payable to you (account owner)

  • Convenience checks drawn against a line of credit

21. Is there a daily or monthly limit on the number of checks I can deposit per checking account?
Yes. Mobile Deposits limits are based on your relationship with the bank and are subject to eligibility requirements.
A maximum number of five (5) checks may be deposited per business day, per eligible checking account.
A maximum of eight (8) checks may be deposited per calendar month, per eligible checking account.

  • Only one check may be deposited per transaction.

22. Once I make a mobile deposit, when will my funds be available?

  • All submitted mobile deposits are subject to review before considered final. A deposit submitted successfully does not mean the funds are immediately available for use.

  • In general, funds from mobile deposits will be made available on the next business day, after the day of your deposit, unless a hold is applied.

  • All submitted mobile deposits prior to 6:00 p.m. (CT) / 5:00 P.M. (MT) on a business day will be reviewed and processed the same business day.

  • Please keep in mind; we may delay availability of funds if further review of a deposit is required. Any information in regards to delayed availability will be communicated to you in writing.

23. What are the daily and monthly Mobile Deposit threshold limits?
Limits vary and are different for existing customers and new customers. All limits described below are per checking account.
Existing Customers: An existing customer is defined as a current customer that is an account owner or authorized signer on an open and active checking account at Sunflower Bank. All eligible existing customers will be provided Sunflower Bank’s Mobile Deposit service. Ineligible existing customers will not be provided Mobile Deposit.



Dollar Item Limit (per deposited check)


Dollar Daily Limit (per day)


Item Count Limit (per day)

5 checks

Dollar Monthly Limit


Monthly Item Count Limit

8 checks

New Customers: A new customer is defined as a customer who opens a new checking account at Sunflower Bank. All eligible new customers and authorized signers placed on a new customer’s checking account will be provided Sunflower Bank’s Mobile Deposit service. Ineligible new customers will not be provided Mobile Deposit.



Dollar Item Limit (per deposited check)


Dollar Daily Limit (per day)


Item Count Limit (per day)

5 checks

Dollar Monthly Limit


Monthly Item Count Limit

8 checks




Dollar Item Limit (per deposited check)


Dollar Daily Limit (per day)


Item Count Limit (per day)

5 checks

Dollar Monthly Limit


Monthly Item Count Limit

8 checks

At day 61, new customer limits will be increased as documented above for Existing Customer limits.

24. After I make a mobile deposit, what should I do with the check?
After you submit a check for deposit, we recommend writing “mobile deposit” and the “date of deposit” on the memo line located on the face of the check and then storing it in a safe place for a minimum of thirty (30) days after the date of deposit, in case the original check is required for any reason. When discarding financial records, it is a best practice to do so in a secure manner, such as shredding.

25. How can I be sure my mobile deposit was successful?
Successful mobile deposits will appear in the Sunflower Bank Mobile App deposit history.
As a reminder, a deposit that is submitted successfully does not mean the funds are immediately available to you. All Deposits are subject to review. Deposits can be rejected and/or holds may be placed on funds.

26. Why am I not able to make a mobile deposit to my account?
You may not be able to make deposits if your account is ineligible for Mobile Deposit or if you have not accepted the most current SunNet Retail Online Banking Agreement. Accounts may not be eligible if daily or monthly deposit limits have been exceeded or other reasons.
Please contact our Customer Care at (888) 827-5564 with any questions.

SMS Text Banking


27. What is SMS Text Banking?
If you have a mobile device that is capable of sending and receiving text messages you can access your Sunflower Bank account balances, review the last five transactions on an account and transfer funds.

28. Can I pay bills with SMS Text Banking?
No. Bill payment is not available with SMS Text Banking. This service is available through our Mobile App, Mobile Web Browser Banking and SunNet Online Banking.

29. Is there a list of available SMS Text Banking Commands for Mobile Banking?
Yes. Send a text command HELP ALL to 469228 to get a list of action commands or use the reference table located on page 14 in the Mobile Banking Personal User Guide.

30. How do I use mobile banking with text messaging?

  • Once you’re enrolled, our service center recognizes text messages from your device and phone number. Just text us any of the commands listed below, and text us at 469228. You might want to save that contact number as well.

  • See the helpful table below for a list of text commands. You can even contact our call center to help walk you through text-message banking.

31. Is there a charge from Sunflower Bank to use SMS Text Banking?
No. SMS Text Banking is a complimentary service provided to all Sunflower Bank customers. Message and data rates and charges may apply from your mobile carrier. Please check with your mobile carrier for details.



32. Why am I being asked to accept a new SunNet Online Banking User Agreement?
Customers previously enrolled in Mobile Banking are required to agree and accept our revised SunNet Online Banking User Agreement due to the addition of our Mobile Deposit service. Acceptance of this Agreement is required to utilize the Mobile Deposit service.

33. I lost my phone or my phone was stolen. What should I do?
For your convenience, Mobile Banking can be disabled on your device at any time. Log into SunNet Online Banking and click Other Services. Next, click Mobile Banking and then select Disable Mobile Access. You can also contact Customer Care at (888) 827-5564 and we can disable the service until you have a new phone up and running.

34. Is my Mobile Banking information stored on my phone?
Your mobile banking information is not stored on your phone. As a best practice, we recommend frequently deleting any text messages and clearing your browser history. If you plan to dispose or recycle your phone or device, we also recommend deleting the Mobile Banking App.

35. How do I change my mobile phone number for Mobile Banking?
Log in to SunNet Online Banking and select Other Services. Next, click Mobile Banking and then click Change Login Details. Update your Mobile Number and click Save to confirm changes.

36. Can I cancel Mobile Banking at any time?
Mobile Banking can be canceled at any time. Log in SunNet Online Banking and click Other Services. Next, click Mobile Banking and then select Un-enroll.

37. Who should I contact for help with Mobile Banking?
Please contact our Customer Care Center at (888) 827-5564 or send an email to Customer Service for assistance.