Sunflower Bank’s Leveraged Finance Team Provides Senior Debt Financing to RealDefense

Featured Transaction

Denver, CO (July 30, 2020) – Sunflower Bank, N.A. is pleased to announce that its Leveraged Finance team worked to provide $10 million in revolving and term debt commitments to support the acquisition of iolo technologies (“IOLO”) by RealDefense, LLC (“RealDefense”), a portfolio company of Corbel Capital Partners and Broadstream Capital Partners. The transaction closed in June 2020.

RealDefense TombstoneSunflower Bank’s Structured Finance Group launched in June 2018 bringing together a team of experienced industry leaders to provide corporate finance services to clients and prospects with borrowing needs typically in the range of $5 million to $20 million or more. Sunflower Bank also has the ability to lead larger syndicated deals.

RealDefense, with operations in Santa Monica, CA, managed by Gary Guseinov and Sean Whiteley, develops and markets security, privacy and optimization software/services for consumers and small businesses. RealDefense markets well-known products such as MyCleanPC and U.S. Tech Support.

iolo technologies develops patented technology and award-winning software, System Mechanic, that repairs, optimizes, and protects computers, enabling users to enjoy their full computing potential by keeping devices running fast and reliably.

Corbel Capital Partners is a Los Angeles, CA based independent investment firm that makes non-control investments in the form of creatively tailored structured debt or equity securities in profitable, lower middle-market businesses. Capital can be used to facilitate growth, buyout a minority partner, consummate a strategic acquisition, provide existing owners with near-term liquidity, or creatively finance and support independent sponsor buyouts. Corbel also offers differentiated strategic and operational support traditionally not offered by non-control investors and allows owners of businesses to retain control equity positions and the potential for later monetization events.