Small Business Week Tips

In honor of Small Business Week, here are some tips on why we’re the bank that can make possibility a reality for your business and your financial ambitions.

Financial Ambitions:
Small Business: Financial Ambition

Small business does not mean small priority. We know that small businesses and small business owners are the backbone of our communities. As your bank, we are your supporter, helping you achieve your financial ambitions. We don’t sit on the sidelines. We’re in the game with you, helping your business grow to its full potential. Learn more about our approach to small business banking:


Banking Solutions:
Small Business: Banking Solutions

A small business needs a banking partner that provides you with smart solutions and services to match your financial possibility with your financial feasibility. We are a bank that is small enough to connect with our customers and community, and large enough to offer the resources to fully meet your financial needs. Check out our account options for businesses:


Money Management:
Small Business: Money Management

Small businesses can benefit from Online Banking services with Bill Pay and e-Statements that let you organize and manage your financial information, pay bills, and transfer funds in a way that makes sense for your business. See how Online Banking can help your business manage money:


Community Partners:
Small Business: Community Partners

It takes a community to make a business flourish. That’s why we strive to be an integral part of our communities by being part of chambers of commerce and other local organizations. People choose to "bank" with us, but we're more than just a bank. Learn about how we are defining what it means to be a community bank:

Specialized Resources:
Small Business: Specialized Resources

In addition to conventional loans, small businesses can access financing and training resources designed specifically to help them succeed. We are an SBA lender with a deeply experienced, specialized team. Our bankers also lead business training and financial literacy programs in our communities. See what small business lending option is right for you:


Expert Team:
Small Business: Expert Team

In order for your business to grow, you need a bank that really knows and understands you. We provide decision making based on deep local knowledge in every community we serve. If you have a question about banking we’ll give you a truthful, straightforward response. If you have a question that’s out of the traditional banking realm, we help you find an answer. In addition, as your financial partner, we want you to have a professional network that supports your success. Learn more about how we apply knowledge and expertise to support small businesses: