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Stay Small or Be Huge: Find Your Niche


Have you noticed that people who think and act small, stay small? And those who think and act BIG, are the ones who make it happen? Being HUGE is attitude, altitude, and active action. It’s getting past the little things which get in your way and hold you back. It’s being bigger than setbacks and obstacles that paralyze your progress. It’s not blaming your circumstances on the economy, your customers, employees, or the market you operate in. It’s making a decision to set your sights higher, grow, and do what it takes to make a profit in any economy. Being HUGE is taking risks, moving forward no matter what, and getting out of your comfort zone. It is positive action. It is more than doing the same things over and over. It is getting excited about the future, looking for opportunities, changing your services, adding more value, finding new customers, doing business different, and making BIG things happen.

  1. Focus on Profitable Revenue - The secret to business success is to create profitable revenue. Getting money from customers is the only way you can make a profit. Your business will only be successful when you have loyal paying customers– lots of them. An awesome finished project or great service doesn’t matter without customers. Stop relying on your past customers and outdated marketing to keep your phone ringing. Focus at least 33 percent of your time finding and creating new revenue, and invest at least $15,000 or one to three percent of your annual volume in marketing and sales activities.
  2. Help Others - The key to creating lots of loyal customers is to help those who need what you offer and have the money to pay what it’s worth. You are not a builder, contractor, architect, supplier, or any other type of business. You are a value-added resource who helps customers solve their problems, make money, or improve their lives. Do you help your customers? Do they know it and pay you big bucks for your valuable help? What else do your customers need or want that you are not providing? As an example, in today’s world, a remodeling or building contractor must also offer financing, design, construction, property management, repairs, and ongoing maintenance to remain viable.
  3. Learn from Others - When you spend time with successful people, you elevate yourself and seek higher levels of success. When you observe the best, you get inspired to be the best. Perhaps you have friends who attend a weekly breakfast group with some HUGE guys from different businesses and backgrounds, challenging each other to do what’s right, make a difference, and become better. What are you doing to surround yourself with a group of diverse and successful business leaders who raise your sights and inspire you to do more and be HUGE?
  4. Differentiate or Fail Trying - There are a lot of different companies who do business in a lot of different ways. Some offer unbelievably great service, while others offer only the minimum. Some do precision quality work, while others do what’s necessary to get paid. Some charge too much, while others don’t charge enough. There is no set formula or standard way to become successful in business. However, there are sound principles which make some more successful than others. One important factor to secure profitable work is your ability to set yourself apart from your competition. People pay for and remember different or unique. People like “different.” Most businesses are not any different than their top five competitors. Most good companies strive to provide quality workmanship or service – the same as their competitors. This doesn’t make them different. When you are not different, you only have price to set your company apart. What makes you different? Do your customers think you are different? Will they pay you more than the competition?
  5. Get Involved - It is impossible to get where you want to go without continuous improvement. You have to grow 10 to 20 percent every year just to stay even. Your local industry association is a great place to discover better ways to do business, seek support, learn from others, watch the professional, get advice, be encouraged, and make friends. Another place to hang out is where your customers go. Show up, get involved, help out on a committee, be visible, get active, and be HUGE. Be a giver, not a taker. Are you involved, really involved, in your industry, your community, and where your customers are active? Make a contribution to your future by getting involved in helping others.

Being HUGE starts with a decision —your decision to make a decision, your decision to make a decision to decide you will make it happen. Your future is a blank slate starting today. Only you are responsible for you. Nothing is in your way except your decision about your attitude and how you spend your time. Be excited every day that you are able to think, act and BE HUGE. This attitude and altitude will give you an edge, an advantage, and an outlook enabling you to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Think small - stay small. Act small - be small. Think HUGE, act HUGE and be HUGE.

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