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The Importance of Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice


Because orthodontics is a specialty field with dentistry, it doesn't typically involve the large number of patients experienced by most general dentistry offices. This makes marketing all the more crucial for a successful orthodontic practice.

To reach a community, the importance of an eye-catching marketing scheme that is memorable and informative is imperative. Being a rather secluded segment of dental health care, orthodontic practices are provided more leeway in terms of marketing freedom. To catch onto the advantage of that opportunity, the following should be taken into consideration.

Emphasis on Specialty Care

While you are anticipating the creation and implementation of your new marketing campaign or strategy, it is best that your first step be to check that your dental practice meets all requirements and regulations implemented by your state's laws. By checking all marketing guidelines and restrictions, this protects both the public and your office by promoting safe dental care. It also determines whether or not you attract the right type of patient.

When creating your marketing scheme, it is best to emphasize the fact that your orthodontic practice is a specialty, requiring extra training after the completion of dental school. This sets you apart from general care providers that are desiring to draw orthodontic patients into the family-care setting for less comprehensive types of care.

Make Everything Available

If your office does not specialize in one type of braces, that’s not a problem. The importance is placed on the options offered; simultaneously making sure the targeted marketing audience is aware that you provide a wide menu of braces to choose from. It may be that the patient wants one type of treatment, but you know another option is more appropriate. However, you may not be able to get them through your front door unless you advertise all of your options.

Making it clear that what you provide is a specially crafted service that is developed on top of a general dentistry education. Taking time to promote a wide variety of treatments at a time attracts people who may be curious about which service is most appropriate for them or their family member.

Referral Practices

Typically, many patients will look to their general practice dentist for help first. Being able to market your office to dentists you know in your area will provide you with a great platform to grow your business. Spreading word of your services through dentists who have an established clientele will provide another avenue from which you can be reached by individuals. Expand your network by introducing yourself at dental offices, referring patients to them for general services, dropping off a gift basket, or joining your local dental society.

Their referrals are important as they generally have a wider range of patients. Nurturing your reputation with general practitioners creates a better sphere of care for patients. Those who may need to have different procedures done after an evaluation from an orthodontist can see their dentist and come back to the orthodontist ready for the next phase of care.

In-Office Marketing

One of the best avenues to growing your business is to market within your marketplace. By this, we mean providing your current patients encouragement and incentives. Create a reward system to boost incoming patient numbers, online “check-ins” (creating a social media presence) and rewarding your current patients with options like discounts, drawings, and gift cards along the way.

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