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Should Oral Surgeons Perform Work Outside of their Practice?


As an oral surgeon, you often rely on referrals from other dental or medical practitioners to keep your patient load going strong. But what if you don’t have room to grow or are looking for a more flexible atmosphere to work in? It might be worth investing in your referral partners by working outside of your practice. Some specialists choose to do the same thing as a way to establish referrals or to phase out a full-time schedule when they approach retirement.

A surgeon can bring specialty care to any number of clinics. For example, they may be available once a month at one office for 3rd molar extractions under IV sedation. In another office, they may provide implant placement prior to the general dentist delivering a supported denture. Ultimately, it is vital to show the general practitioner that partnering with an in-house specialist benefits you both.

Improved Patient Care Plan Acceptance

For some specialists, arranging to work once a week or even a once a month in a private practice can be very beneficial. As far as the private practitioner goes, it makes it easier for their patients to be seen in an atmosphere that’s familiar to them. They’re more likely to comply with the treatment plan. If a general dentist isn’t comfortable with a particular case, they don’t have to lose their patient. You (the oral surgeon) can start or complete that phase of treatment, while they take over afterward. It’s a win-win.

Benefits of Out-of-Office Treatments

By branching out and bringing the “service” to both patients and private general dentists, you’re also able to increase the number of referrals that these doctors send you. For one, they won’t refer patients somewhere else or give their patients multiple options, because you’re right there. It also allows both you and the other dentist to work more efficiently, and schedule fewer appointments for the patient. Patients love this, and it will just further cement the relationship you have with the referring provider.

What Do You Need to Bring With You?

On your end, you do not have to hassle with that particular day’s overhead by working out of your own practice. Most of the equipment that you’re using (such as electricity, operators, etc.) are owned by the private practice that you’re visiting - save for the equipment that you may need to bring with you for specific procedures. Some practices may charge a particular daily fee for you to come in and use one of their operatories; others may not.

In addition to bringing your own staff, it’s also vital that you keep your own chart and set of dental records on the patient being seen. If something is recorded by the other dentist, such as digital x-rays, have a copy made for yourself.

If you’re struggling to grow your practice or are simply out of space to add additional operatory days, performing out-of-office treatment in a private provider’s office is an excellent next step to take toward increasing your weekly production.

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