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Processing payments can present unique business challenges. Take advantage of our wide-ranging, convenient and secure payment solution tools designed to help you:

  • Exercise control over payments
  • Reduce fraud
  • Improve access to payment information
  • Save time
  • Identify excess funds and put them to work


Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Using ACH is not only convenient, but allows you to easily submit direct deposit payroll files, cash concentration and vendor payments. Eliminate the time-consuming handling of paper checks and utilize this service which provides faster access to your funds.


Direct Deposit Payroll

Minimize the need to write expensive payroll checks for employees by electronically depositing their pay into any account at any bank or participating financial institution anywhere.



Reduce payroll related expenses while also providing a safer, more convenient way for your employees to receive their pay. Achieving 100-percent electronic payroll becomes reality with Sunflower Bank’s PayCard solution.


Wire Transfers

Originate one-time or recurring wire transfer payments through our convenient Business Online Banking service.


Zero Balance Accounts

Maintain separate disbursement accounts for your recordkeeping while consolidating balances to maximize your earnings credit and sweep investment potential.