With Payables services from Sunflower Bank you can streamline disbursements and reduce risk. Our Treasury Management team will consult with you to learn your internal processes to tailor a suite of support solutions to improve transaction efficiencies within your business.
These services include:

ACH Payments

Securely originate your electronic business payments with our cost-effective ACH service.

Wire Transfer Services including International Payments

Initiate and approve outgoing wire transfers in real-time directly from our online banking portal.

Payroll Services

  • Payroll Cards enable 100% electronic funding of your payroll, and are the leading alternative to paper checks. The payroll card can be securely used by your employees at the point-of-sale or for the retrieval of cash from an ATM or bank.
  • Direct Deposit pays your employees directly through our ACH Payments service.

Business Credit Cards

  • T&E Cards track Travel & Entertainment expenses and control spending with ease.
  • Purchasing Cards provide earning opportunity for annual spend with online transaction management.


  • Bill Payment is available through Treasury Management Direct and Business Banking Direct.

  • Tax Payment lets you select the tax agency, tax type and tax period for which an ACH
    payment will be made.