With Payables services from Sunflower Bank you can streamline disbursements and reduce risk. Our Treasury Management team will consult with you to learn your internal processes to tailor a suite of support solutions to improve transaction efficiencies within your business.
These services include:

ACH Manager

Securely originate your electronic business payments with our cost-effective ACH service.

Wire Transfer Services including International Payments

Initiate and approve outgoing wire transfers in real-time directly from our online banking portal.

Payroll Services

  • Payroll Cards enable 100% electronic funding of your payroll, and are the leading alternative to paper checks. The payroll card can be securely used by your employees at the point-of-sale or for the retrieval of cash from an ATM or bank.
  • Direct Deposit pays your employees directly through our Treasury Management services.

Business Credit Cards

  • T&E Cards track Travel & Entertainment expenses and control spending with ease.
  • Purchasing Cards provide earning opportunity for annual spend with online transaction management.


  • Bill Payment is available through Treasury Management Direct and Business Banking Direct.

  • Payment Plus lets you replace all or a portion of your check run when we manage payments to your vendors.

Account Reconciliation

With partial reconciliation, you can automatically update your accounts payable system using a list of paid items. Or sign up for full reconciliation, and receive an additional list of outstanding items. Our deposit reconciliation service can track deposits by location by assigning each location a unique number that is pre-printed in the MICR line of the deposit slip, allowing you to deposit into one account.