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Online Credit Card Statement


Manage your Sunflower Bank credit card online!
Make payments, review statements and receive email or mobile alerts regarding important account activity.

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CheckIt Telephone Banking


Around the clock access to account information from any phone, anytime you need it.

1-800-552-2432 (in Salina: 825-6900)



Sunflower Bank Debit Card

Debit Card

Our VISA® debit card doubles as an ATM or check card for quick, easy, payment use. Best of all, it’s available at no charge with all of our checking account options. Locate an ATM

Sunflower Bank Platinum Card

Credit Card

Our Sunflower Bank Platinum, Gold and Classic Cards have no annual fee and feature the ScoreCard Reward program. Enjoy a fair rate and low fees on your Sunflower Bank credit card account. Earn one point per dollar charge on your card! Earn free gifts, travel rewards, and more. Check your points.

Important Tip

Should I say “debit” or ‘credit” when a cashier asks me to choose?

For safety purposes, it’s best to reply ‘credit,’ to protect your PIN. If you reply “debit” you will then be asked to key in your Personal Identification Number (PIN), just as you do at the ATM when you withdraw cash.

If you reply “credit”, you will sign a receipt instead of using your PIN. Sunflower Bank suggests you consider using the “credit” option to avoid having your PIN viewed by someone watching as you key it at the point of sale. Even when you use the “credit” option when using this card, it is not a credit transaction; the payment will still come directly out of your checking account.


Healthcare Professionals

Sunflower Bank offers a special package for Healthcare Professionals.

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