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Security Center 7/20/20

Free Fraud Text Alerts

We’re adding an additional layer of security to help combat debit card fraud quickly and more conveniently. Receiving real-time text alerts is a free fraud solution that detects suspicious transactions that occur outside of your normal shopping patterns, spending ranges or geographic areas.

Staying Safe: Protect Yourself from Scams image
Security Center 3/26/20

Staying Safe: Protect Yourself from Scams

Fraudsters never stop. In fact, many cybercriminals are using the current world health situation as an opportunity to provoke fear and take advantage of unsuspecting people.

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Security Center 6/24/19

5 Terms You Need to Know for Your Online Safety

These terms sound scary, but the experts at Sunflower Bank are here to help if you find yourself with unauthorized account activity.

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Security Center 11/14/18

Fraud Prevention Resources

These are additional resources to learn more about information security and fraud prevention.

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Security Center 11/13/18

Online Banking Security Tips

Configure your device to require a passcode to gain access if this feature is supported in your device.

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Security Center 11/13/18

Avoiding Social Engineering Attacks

In a social engineering attack, an attacker uses human interaction to manipulate a person into providing them information.  People have a natural tendency to trust.  Social engineering attacks attempt to exploit this tendency in order to steal your information.

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Security Center 10/30/18

Mobile Financial Services

Create a complex passcode for your mobile device. Avoid using personal information (i.e., names and important dates) in your passcode. Do not share your mobile device passcode with anyone