Personal Banking


Your Future. Our Solutions.

The way you handle finances today shapes your future. The services and solutions at Sunflower Bank help you create the future of your dreams. Our personal bankers offer assistance with everything from easily accessible checking and savings accounts to low-interest, no-annual-fee credit cards. Need money for a car, home, or once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Ask us. We’re in the business of making possibility a reality.

Honest Answers & Teamwork.

We’re also in the business of providing clear, straightforward answers to your banking questions. As a community-based bank, we’re here to support you with a full range of banking services, honest guidance, and tailored solutions.
With Sunflower Bank, you have access to as much – or as little – financial teamwork as you want. If you like to do things on your own, we offer online and mobile banking services that can be easily paired with your checking account for a do-it-yourself approach, quick. If you prefer convenient access to funds when making purchases, our Visa® debit card is a great option to consider. And when you’re ready to talk to someone about opening an account, applying for a credit card, saving for the future, or buying a home, we’re here to help.
Our team is happy to answer your questions about personal banking. From bank accounts to bank products and services, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we know from experience that some of our answers might surprise you – in a good way! Talk to us today. Find out how our solutions support your financial future and provide the peace of mind you deserve knowing your deposit accounts are protected. Sunflower Bank, Member FDIC.