Sales Excellence Retreat

"Keys to Success"

The “Keys to Success” 2024 Sales Excellence Retreat is a prestigious annual event celebrating outstanding sales achievements and top performers across Sunflower Bank. Hosted in the captivating setting of the Florida Keys from February 27 - March 1, this year's event brought together over 120 attendees including Award of Excellence winners, leadership and additional guests. 

Sunflower Bank is proud to honor these exceptional employees who have made significant contributions to our success.  

Award of Excellence Winner Emblem

Congratulations to our Award of Excellence Winners

Award of Excellence recipients met and exceeded qualifications relevant to their respective lines of business.

Regional Presidents

Ernesto Avila

Business Banking

Agustin Montes  |  Cindy Bobbitt  |  Diana Vasquez  |  Lee Garza  |  Logan Woodbridge

Commercial Banking

Christopher Roberts  |  Dino Camunez  |  Donna Day  |  Doug Vitek  |  Jared Grabow  |  Kyle Stingley  |  Summer Xie

Treasury Management

Gina Staley  |  Johnnie Almazan  |  Keri Kent

Wealth Management

Hud Chapin  |  Steve Tronsgard


Callie Watkins  |  Luke Baker  |  Matt Penny  |  Mickey Perry  |  Steve Howard

Retail Banking

Mikelyn Corkran  |  Chrissy Stacken  |  Amy Cleaver  |  Claudine Paolino  |  Emily Richards  |  Melody Terry  |  Destiny Bell  |  Eric Berens  |  Nick Burzoni  |  Maria Ferreiro

Caroline Ginther  |  Dolo Lombardi  |  Lani Newton  |  Ledrich Oller  |  Jesse Ramos  |  Weston Tanner

Sunflower Award Winner Emblem

Congratulations to our Sunflower Award Winners

Sunflower Award winners are employees in non-sales roles who are nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond to epitomize the Sunflower Bank culture. 

Sunflower Award Winners

Clif Buckles, Finance  |  Beth Erwin, Loan Operations  |  Beth Foos, Retail  |  Liz Jahn, Administration  |  Katie Kempke, Finance

Jeanne Lipson, Marketing  |  John McDonnell, IT Services  | Traci Morrison, IT Services  |  Carrie Reeder, Mortgage Operations

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