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How to Make a March Personal Finance Calendar


Managing your personal finances is an ongoing process that requires discipline. Most people are successful at making sure the bills get paid and often saving a little on a regular basis. However, managing your finances effectively is more than just handling the daily or monthly tasks. Here is a monthly calendar for March that can serve as a guide to addressing some of these other issues. 

March Financial To-Do’s

Create or update an inventory of your belongings.

  • This information can be essential if you ever have to make an insurance claim.
  • If you have a video inventory, be sure to store a copy in a secure location away from your home.
  • Update your inventory on a regular basis. Updating annually may be sufficient unless you acquire more or more expensive things.

Review your insurance policies.

  • Be sure to have the coverage you need for your home, belongings, and car.
  • Review your health insurance to make sure you understand the provisions of your policy.
  • Review the deductibles on all your insurance policies. You may be able to reduce your premiums by accepting higher deductibles.
  • Consider an umbrella liability insurance policy. They can provide additional coverage above what is included with your home and auto policies. Usually, umbrella policies are relatively inexpensive.

The suggestions on this calendar may not match your personal financial schedule. However, it can serve as a reminder to make sure you address important issues.

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