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Business & Specialty

Business and Specialty Finances

Sunflower Bank works with businesses of all sizes to
create a financial plan to meet and exceed your goals and objectives. Everything we do is based on providing the service and the relationship approach you expect from a community bank with the full support and infrastructure of a larger institution. We believe in providing the right solutions and tools along with the knowledge that builds confidence in your financial decisions. 

We recognize that in order for your business to grow, you need a bank that really knows and understands you. That’s why Sunflower Bank is right for your business. We provide locally-informed decision making in every community we serve. This means your relationship is managed through your local contact who knows you and your local economy the best. In addition, we have teams that specialize in different business sizes and industries, and we leverage that knowledge for you and your business.

Sunflower Bank will help you ask the right questions, and get the right answers to propel your business forward. We’ll make sure you consider these questions and more:

  • Do I have the right banking partner to grow my business?

  • Does my banking partner have local and industry expertise?

  • Does my financial partner have the full range of banking services necessary to improve my financial condition?

  • Is it time to expand? What are my financing options?

  • Should I rent or buy my location?

  • Should I purchase new or used equipment?

  • How can structured finance benefit my business?

  • Is a conventional loan or an SBA loan the best structure for what I am trying to accomplish?

Once we have gotten to know you, your business, and your operating intricacies, our commercial banking teams can customize credit solutions for you such as business lines of credit, commercial term loans, acquisition financing, and owner-occupied real-estate lending; treasury services to enhance your operating efficiencies; investment services to maximize your earnings potential; and more. We also have specialty lending groups with structured finance and public finance and tax-exempt capabilities that you won’t find at every community bank. We’ve built these groups because we believe that making possibility a reality sometimes requires complex support delivered in a straightforward manner.

If you run a small to medium size business, we have a business banking group that provides specialized banking service solely focused on building relationships with companies of your size. Through Business Banking, qualified clients benefit from a credit structure and streamlined approval process created for most loan sizes needed by small-to-medium sized businesses. Business Banking also delivers customized support to the healthcare and professional services industries, with benefits including lower-than-traditional financing rates, and strategies for practice acquisition, growth, and succession.

If you are a business owner just starting out, we have tools from credit cards to SBA loans, and we can help you decide the financial services to best support your business growth.

For larger credit needs, we have a Loan Capital Markets team that partners with our local commercial banking and other specialty lending teams to arrange a group of banks to provide larger credit facilities. This means you benefit from your relationship remaining with the Sunflower Bank that knows you, along with access to the capital you need to grow your business. Also through our Loan Capital Markets team, we support the credit needs of larger companies operating in our regions by participating in syndicated credit facilities arranged by other banks.

A banking relationship with Sunflower Bank comes with the deposit accounts you need for daily cash flow management. We have multiple options for business checking accounts, as well as interest bearing accounts like savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs to meet your savings needs. We also have an online banking platform accessible to all businesses, and Treasury Management services and teams that are able support advanced Treasury Management needs. All these services are delivered through local experts that customize the Sunflower Bank offering to our local markets and individual customers’ needs. Depending on your location, we offer IOLTA, CARHOF and COLTAF accounts designed to meet the needs of lawyers, real estate brokers, property managers, title companies and escrow agencies.

Working with Sunflower Bank means you have access to the knowledge and expertise, and the products and services, you need to make your possibilities a reality.