Sunflower Bank is a family-owned financial institution, established in 1892 and located in more than 23 communities throughout Kansas, Colorado and Missouri.

Sunflower Bank is a full-service bank offering commercial and retail banking and loan products, and now counts more than $1.7 billion in assets.

We’re proud of the hundreds of employees that make up the Sunflower Bank team, dedicated to our mission: Bringing out the best in the lives we touch… Creating Possibility.

Our Philosophy

At Sunflower Bank, we strive towards providing legendary service to ALL of our customers. Working for the bank opens the door to not only a job, but also a career where YOU can provide that legendary service to our communities, our customers and each other.

Sunflower Bank’s Customer Service Expectations:

Exceptional Quality

  • Greet everyone with a warm and friendly smile
  • Commit to seeking solutions to problems
  • Help co-workers complete their work so that the TEAM is successful
  • Recognize and praise the work of others
  • Be on time for work and perform the duties given
  • Accept unscheduled assignments with a positive attitude
  • Make people’s needs your priority regardless of whose job or turn it is
  • Be considerate to the people we serve

Open Communication

  • Listen to new ideas and concerns and show respect to those voicing them
  • Properly introduce yourself and offer assistance when needed using “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Keep people we work with and work for informed of what is happening
  • Ask questions and get clarifications


  • Strive to do the job correct the first time
  • Be professional at all times
  • Know your responsibilities and be accountable for them
  • Bring your spirit to work each and every day
  • Exceed the expectations of the people we serve by anticipating and responding to their needs

If you are committed to:

  • Legendary customer service
  • Bringing out the best every day
  • The ability to create endless possibilities…

Please check out our current open positions

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