Personal Checking Solutions

Account Type Best If... Minimum Balance Monthly Fees
Convenience Checking You prefer a simple & straightforward checking account. None None
Spend & Sign & Save (Checking and Savings Account Package) You’re a savvy saver who prefers using a debit card and wants generous perks and extras, including round-up savings and a 5% annual match of your spare change. None $6.00 per statement cycle. Monthly fee can be swiped to zero by using your debit card for pinned transactions. Each transaction reduces the monthly fee by $0.25
Elite Checking You are 50+ and want a checking account with extras and interest. None None
Superb Checking (Reserved for First Ladies) You’re a financially confident woman who wants to earn interest and enjoys personalized banking perks complete with access to exclusive events and excursions. $10,000 None
Premier Checking You maintain higher relationship balances and want a checking account that earns interest. $25,000 $20.00 per statement cycle. Waived when minimum personal deposit balances and consumer loan balances (excluding 1st Mortgage Loans) in which you are a borrower are maintained.

Make The Switch

In just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to better banking.

  1. Step 1

    Open Your Account

    To open an account with us please visit your nearest branch location.

    Find Nearest Branch

  2. Step 2

    Switch Your Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments

    Once you have opened your account you will need to switch your Direct Deposit and automatic payments to your new account. Don’t worry, this is easier than you think. Go through your current banking transaction list to identify your automatic payments and update your information with those vendors.

  3. Step 3

    Close Your Old Account

    Before closing your old account, make sure the following have been completed:

    1. All checks have cleared your old account
    2. All Direct Deposit and automatic payments have been switched to your new account
    3. For your protection, destroy any remaining checks, debit cards and ATM cards from your old account