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    Understanding and Preventing Credit Trigger Lead Marketing

    When any lender pulls your credit report, the credit bureau sells this information as a “Trigger Lead”. This sale of your information is legal, but you can stop it.

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    Tax Time Tips

    Each year, as the April 15th deadline to either file your taxes or file for an extension approaches, many people scramble to submit their tax returns. As you embark on your tax journey, ease the process by starting with our list of key tasks and things to remember.

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    What are the Differences Between a Money Market Account and a CD?

    Adequate savings are critical to healthy finances. Instead of keeping money in a piggy bank or regular checking account, you may be curious about money market and CD accounts.

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    Fun Ways to Build Your Savings Account

    Saving money doesn’t have to be something you dread. Whether you’re just beginning a path to financial responsibility or you’ve been handling your finances successfully for years, adding variety to your savings routine can keep you on track.

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  • Using Direct Deposit for Your Tax Refund

    We are proud members of the American Bankers Association (ABA) and we appreciate the helpful content and tips they continue to provide their members and the general public. This year, the ABA shared this graphic to help taxpayers learn more about the fastest and most secure method to receive their tax refund: direct deposit.

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    How to Make a February Personal Finance Calendar

    Managing your personal finances is an ongoing process that requires discipline. Most people are successful at making sure the bills get paid and often saving a little on a regular basis. However, managing your finances effectively is more than just handling the daily or monthly tasks. Here is a monthly calendar for February that can serve as a guide to addressing some of these other issues.

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