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    5 Financial Mistakes Newlyweds Make

    Talking about money isn’t always easy, but it’s an important step in starting a life together. We've provided some common money mistakes newlyweds should avoid.

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    Two Easy Tips to Stay on Top of Credit

    A healthy credit score makes it easier to rent or buy a home, get a credit card, obtain an auto loan, or even enjoy better insurance rates. This makes protecting your credit score an essential part of adult life. Fortunately, it’s actually pretty simple to follow just a couple of tips to stay on top of it.

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    Keep Your Money Safe with CardControl

    As the number of people choosing to conduct personal financial transactions online continues to rise, so does the need for enhanced cybersecurity. Shopping online puts anyone with a debit or credit card at risk for fraud and theft, and with security tools such as CardControl, you have the ability to catch fraudulent activity before things get out of hand.

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    What is an IRA?

    If you’ve been looking in to ways to save for retirement, you may have been advised to consider opening an IRA. But before opening an IRA as your next financial step, you should know there are a number of different kinds of IRAs, and it’s important to understand their differences. To help get you started, we’ve assembled some points we hope will be a basis for your IRA decision.

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    Should I Pay My Bills with a Credit Card?

    Credit cards can be great for making your financial life more convenient. But, using credit cards to pay bills is definitely not for everyone. Used unwisely, this method can cause considerable (and ongoing) financial stress. We’ve listed some important points to bear in mind when considering whether to use credit cards to pay your monthly bills …

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    Financial Education Begins at Home

    Among the myriad of subjects you may find yourself discussing with your kids, consider sharing the basics of personal finance with them – after all, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s really never too early to begin practicing good money managing habits. We've provided some tips to help you get the conversation started.

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